The Fish Guys

Founded in 1993 with the desire to source the freshest and widest variety of seafood from around the globe and deliver it locally to customers who understand and appreciate uncompromising quality. With this aim, we quickly became the Midwest's premier wholesale supplier of fresh and frozen seafood. And we did it by demonstrating respect at every step.

From our choice of fishing and farming partners and meticulous whole-fish processing to our stringent sustainability practices and unwavering customer-centric service, we treat our people, our product, our process, our environment and our customers with the utmost respect.

Schultz chickens are cage free, they are free to eat and exercise anywhere comfortably within an airy sunlit barn, or to roam outdoors in grassy fence free fields, when weather conditions are favorable. Schultz chickens are free-range, certified organic and have no hormones or antibiotics administered during their lifespan. Their barns and farm yards are carefully watched over and protected from predators. This is all part of providing Schultz chickens with a stress free environment that allows the flock to develop into healthy, happy birds that make delicious and nutritious eggs. Schultz eggs are high in Omega-3 fatty acids because of the Flaxmeal that we mix into their organic feed. They are also very high in the anti-oxidant vitamin E. To ensure that you are receiving the freshest and highest quality eggs, we candle and grade them right away.


Schultz Organic Chickens from Larry Schultz Organic Farm represent a serious commitment to organic farming. Schultz chickens and turkeys strut their stuff as organic meeting both Global Organic Alliance (GOA) and USDA guidelines and certifications.  They are fed certified organic feed which contains no antibiotics, herbicides, or pesticides. Minnesota winters can pack a punch, but once we get through the winter it's always a treat to swing open the barn doors and watch as the chickens charge outside to enjoy the many wonders of nature.  You will find that Schultz chickens and turkeys are more flavorful, succulent, and enjoyable than their commercial comparisons. They have that old fashioned flavor, the way chickens and turkeys used to taste. I think you’ll agree there isn’t a more tasty bird around!


Our passion is to raise and harvest high quality meats with integrity. We believe in treating our local, heritage-bred livestock humanely and as nature intended. Our family has farmed in the St. Croix Valley for 4 generations. The land has blessed us with a plentiful bounty that we wish to share with you. 

Berkwood Farms' Berkshire Pork is raised humanely with room to move within a network of sustainable family farms by families who share pride of ownership in Berkwood Farms.

At Berkwood Farms we are mindful of quality and the expectations of our customers. Our animals are never fed antibiotics or hormones for sub-therapeutic growth promotion. We care for our animals the way we care for our farms - with great pride and a strong feeling of accomplishment.

Rishi Tea offers award-winning loose leaf tea and tea sachets imported fresh each season, direct from tea gardens around the world.

Organic, Fair Trade, loose-leaf tea, original hand-crafted blends, artisan teaware, iced tea, chai, herbal tea, botanicals, tealeaf powders.